Integral Ecology Seminar

Towards an Integral Ecology

Scientific and technical progress has permitted the extraordinary development of the human species. But there is a heavy price to pay: poverty, injustice, scarcity of water resources, climate change, decline of biodiversity, among others. Furthermore, this affects an important part of the human population following the models of current economic development. It is the poorest who are most affected by these changes.
Many voices across the world are inviting us to a conversation about ecological conversion. Pope Francis suggests that this ecological conversion be integral. It will involve reforming our habits, our ways of thinking, and our way of living together. It is our entire relation to the world that we must seek to evolve, within the intellectual spheres of knowledge and understanding but also in the spheres of sensibility and relationship with others. It is essential to reorient human activities so that they benefit all of humanity, all while respecting nature and its laws. The sciences can help us do this, most notably ecology. It is in this spirit that we propose five reflection sessions on themes that associate science and possibilities for action. What do we know? What can we do? Are there already success stories? What are the obstacles to overcome?


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