Architectural Project

This building of 1600 square meters will be composed of [locaux] for welcome and formation.  At its heart will be a chapel that seats 200, with a total capacity for 300. Its upper parts will be dedicated for two residential “houses” for approximately 12 students, and an apartment for the resident chaplain team.

CTDC - southern façade - Nov 2018
The building space will be organized for 3 primary functions:

  • Cultural: space for welcoming and hosting, for work, for conferences and presentations. (1/2 of the building space)
  • Spiritual: chapel and meeting rooms. (1/4 of the building space)
  • Residential: the Studium for students who desire to deepen the relationship between their faith and the scientific studies. Also, the lodging for the team or community of chaplains (1/4 of the building space)

The site will offer living space, common areas, workspace, and meeting areas integrally open to each other.  The size and capacity will be adaptable to changes and evolution within these three primary functions (cultural, spiritual, residential), always taking into account the needs and rhythms that characterize a public space like this (welcome, formation, presentations, celebrations) while also taking account of the semi-private space for the residents of the Center.

The building will promote and make use of innovative technologies, conscious and respectful of the harmony between city and nature, respect for the environment and Creation, and fidelity to the ideals of Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Its structure will be built of wood.  The facades will be made of glass and carbonized wood and the chapel will be fashioned out of bricks.  Interestingly, this choice for building the chapel with bricks is due to the large volume of earth that will be moved as part of the Grand Paris public transportation construction and expansion projects, but also because of its acoustic benefits.  The conical shape of the chapel will be visible from the street, beyond the glass walls, from the southern façade of the Center.


The Teilhard de Chardin Center will be situated in the Moulon district, which is located in the western part of the plateau, close to the CentraleSupélec and ENS-Paris Saclay schools. Situated along the artery that traverses the “deck,” or primary axis road of the district, it will be served by the TCSP bus line (200 meters from the Center) and the future Line 18 of the Grand-Paris Metro (700 meters from the Center. Its neighbors will include a grand hotel and residential buildings for students.



    • Purchase of the land : july 2019
    • Construction start date : january 2021
    • Grand opening : september 2022

Architect: Jean-Marie Duthilleul

Jean-Marie Duthilleul


Jean-Marie Duthilleul is both an architect and engineer.  After seven years of service to the New Cities and grand architectural projects commissioned by the French government, he developed an architectural workshop for the French National Railroad Company (SNCF) in 1985.  In 1997 he created within this workshop an office for AREP (Management, Research, Interchange) studies.  Head of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and architects, Duthilleul invested himself in the design and construction of numerous train stations in France and other countries (South Korea, China, Italy) and many new constructions projects, bringing with him French know-how and expertise in architecture and engineering.

In 1997, Jean-Marie Duthilleul was invited by Cardinal Lustiger of Paris to design and furnish the liturgical space for the large-scale gatherings of World Youth Day on the Champ de Mars in Paris and at Longchamp race course.  He then participated in numerous projects for the creation or renovation of churches, cathedrals, and monasteries in France and Switzerland.

Today, Duthilleul pursues his architectural and urban design activities from the heart of the Duthilleul Corporation, created in 2012, which has designed many Metro stations in the Grand-Paris region, developed or renovated neighborhoods in Versailles and Nancy, and restructured the Institut Catholique de Paris (Catholic University of Paris) and a new church in Tours.  At the end of 2015, Duthilleul’s book Space and Liturgy was published by Mame.


News from the Center by its future director

News from the Center by its future director

Hello! I am Fr. Dominique Degoul, Jesuit: I was appointed in September 2019 director of the future Teilhard de Chardin Centre, by Fr. François Boëdec, my provincial, and by Mgr. Michel Pansard; Bishop of Evry. I am also chaplain of Centrale-Supélec and HEC. In these...

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When the press talks about it

When the press talks about it

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