Place for Formation and Contemporary Dialogue

The Teilhard de Chardin Center will offer opportunities for free expression and open exchange for those engaged in research in the scientific, technological, and social sciences fields, regardless of their cultural origins and convictions.  

It will build a bridge between science and sense [sens] in exploring the resources of the Christian theological and philosophical tradition.  This space will help each teacher, researcher, student, employee, and family benefit from the expertise of guest speakers made possible through partnerships with the Catholic University of Paris (l’Institute Catholique de Paris), the Bernardin College (le Collège des Bernardins), and Centre Sèvres, the Jesuit Faculty of Paris and one of the international Jesuit theology and philosophy schools.  

The center will allow tomorrow’s decision-makers to enrich and deepen within themselves an an approach to scientific progress that is ethical, sustainable, and responsible.  

These activities will come to life through research seminars, conferences organized around certain themes, colloquiums, and other opportunities.

Supporting knowledge of faith and the spiritual life

The students, researchers, and employees working on the Saclay Plateau will find at the Teilhard de Chardin Center a multitude of diverse opportunities that respond to their aspirations and spiritual questions. 

The center will encourage/support interreligious dialogue.

 It will offer Christians a resource center accessible during the week.  The chapel and the oratory at the heart of the building will permit spiritual pauses for all: residents, employees, and students on the Saclay plateau.


Without seeking to substitute for different chaplaincies already serving the schools and universities, the Center will be able to serve as a place of encounter and celebration for them, adapted in the spirit of the American university campus which seeks to foster inter-institutional exchange.

Response to the expectations of students and families living on the plateau

The Center will be a gathering place for the living Christian community, studying and working nearby. It will contribute to the live of this community: welcome, celebrations, Eucharistic liturgies, catechesis, preparation for the sacraments (marriage, baptism, and others).

Animation of the Center

The pastoral team will initially include:


  • A team of Jesuits including one who will serve as director of the Center
  • The students of the “Studium” who will take part in the life of the house
  • The chaplains of the different chaplaincies on the Saclay plateau
  • Priests or invited guests of the different dioceses of the Île-de-France (Paris metropolitan area)
  • A network of local laypeople who will contribute to the successful operation of the Center and its management.

The Teilhard de Chardin studium

The Teilhard de Chardin studium will function in the spirit and tradition of the medieval colleges and current Anglo-Saxon universities: it will gather around 12 students who will live together in two houses of the Center.  The goal is to form a community of Christian life and study that will contribute their studies and sharing of their experiences. The college will be diverse and eager to welcome both French and international students. 

The members of the College typically will follow their advanced scientific studies in one of the superior academic establishments of the Saclay Plateau (Université-Paris-Saclay or Institut Polytechnique de Paris), at the master’s or postgraduate (doctoral) level. They will have access to the full range of resources and opportunities of the Teilhard de Chardin Center, for which they will take responsibility for the welcoming spirit of encounter.  They will participate in the development of a formation program, seminars, and conference series. Accordingly, they will benefit from privileged moments and encounters with guest speakers. They will be able to receive specific supplementary formation in the human sciences, social sciences, philosophy, or theology in order to cultivate a global vision, measure the links between these scientific phenomena, and prepare themselves for assuming greater responsibility. The pedagogical principle of the tutorial will be implemented to adapt these supplementary formation opportunities to the expectations of each one’s own specific research. The spiritual support and Christian formation for those students who desire it will be particularly cared for and nurtured.

Upcoming seminars

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