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The Teilhard de Chardin Center

A place of dialogue for science, technology, and spirituality

GRAND OPENING September 2022

Plateau de Saclay, Essonne, Ile-de-France

Promoting dialogue among students, researchers, philosophers, and theologians.

Promoting ethical, social and humanistic reflection in the light of faith.

Supporting the spiritual life and an understanding of the faith on the Saclay Plateau.


News from the Center by its future director

News from the Center by its future director

Hello! I am Fr. Dominique Degoul, Jesuit: I was appointed in September 2019 director of the future Teilhard de Chardin Centre, by Fr. François Boëdec, my provincial, and by Mgr. Michel Pansard; Bishop of Evry. I am also chaplain of Centrale-Supélec and HEC. In these...

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When the press talks about it

When the press talks about it

Have a look on article in Les Echos : https://www.lesechos.fr/pme-regions/ile-de-france/une-eglise-et-un-centre-culturel-au-coeur-de-paris-saclay-1168974  

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When the press talks about it

When the press talks about it

Have a look on La Croix's article : http://www.la-croix.com/JournalV2/LEglise-fait-place-Silicon-Valley-francaise-2019-09-24-1101049481

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CTdC – Vue d’artiste 3 – novembre 18

An innovative project

  •  A 1,600 square meter (17,200 square foot) building
  • A vast space dedicated to welcome, encounters, and conferences
  • A chapel that accommodates 200 to 300 worshippers
  • A “studium” of 12 student housemates

Nicolas V.

Nicolas V.


“Today, the question of meaning comes back with force. It’s said that reason enlightens faith,  and that faith enlightens reason. The challenge is great, so we should not miss the  opportunity. The Teilhard Center will help us meet that challenge.”


Bertrand Thirion

Bertrand Thirion


“The Teilhard de Chardin Center will be the place for an engaging dialogue between faith and         science, which is so needed today with all the equivocations, fake news and “alternative facts” that are multiplying : a house for seekers of the truth!”

Famille C.

Famille C.

“The number of Christian families who live on the Saclay Plateau will continue to grow, and    they will quickly need the opportunity to meet up. We hope the Center will be just the kind of place that will allow our faith to express itself, through sharing it with others and         strengthening it.”

A Center of excellence 

At the heart of the Saclay Plateau, international center for academic excellence and scientific     research.

The Center will be built in the Moulon district, close to the the Centrale-Supélec school and the ENS Paris-Saclay, at the very heart of the university town envisioned by local civic leaders, just 700 meters (less than half a mile) from the Grand-Paris Metro station.

By 2024

  • 34,000 students,teachers and researchers
  • 12,000 residents

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ctdc saclay 48.713700, 2.166830

Project leaders

diocèse Evry
diocèse Evry
diocèse Evry
diocèse Evry
diocèse Evry


“This concentration of key players in the scientific and technological world of today and tomorrow is a great challenge and opportunity for us to think about and decide now a presence for the Church.”


Bishop Michel Pansard, Diocese of Evry Corbeil-Essonnes


“The Teilhard de Chardin Centre is deeply in line with the apostolic intuitions of the Society of Jesus: a presence among students, teachers and researchers, not in a disembodied way, or on the simple model of a chaplaincy, but well articulated in different ways to the realities and questions that work for our contemporaries, particularly in the field of science and technology. A place called to be a place of life, of crossing, of exchanges, of celebrations.”


Fr. François Boëdec, Provincial of the Jesuits of French-speaking Western Europe


“Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote in Human Energy that ‘there is never, concretely, just physical matter and the Spirit. Rather, there only exists matter that is becoming the Spirit.’  With the arrival of the Grandes Écoles (premier French universities) on the Saclay Plateau, it made sense strategically for the dioceses of the Île-de-France Paris metropolitan region to propose to students and to families a spiritual center of reflection and formation in the spirit of this Jesuit priest who was, at the same time, seeker, paleontologist, theologian, and philosopher.”

Bishop Éric Aumonier, Diocese of Versailles


“I hope that the Teilhard de Chardin Center will be in the image of its namesake, a courageous man and priest who created links between the most diverse disciplines to bring meaning to the links between science and faith within the unity of Christ our Savior.”

 Archbishop Michel Aupetit, Archdiocese of Paris


“With great joy, the Diocese of Nanterre participates in the project of the Teilhard de Chardin Center of Saclay.  Within our region of the Île-de-France, it is extremely important that we foster a great synergy among all the places of formation, research, and technological innovation. It is therefore obvious that this synergy should also be ecclesial and involve the Church. 

In the district of La Défense (the financial and business district of Paris) we know our experience at Notre-Dame de Pentecôte (Our Lady of Pentecost), a place of great spiritual resources and reflection in the heart of the biggest business district in Europe.  From the Teilhard de Chardin Center to the House of the Church [Maison d’Église] in Saint-Denis, passing by way of Notre-Dame de Pentecôte and the Bernardin College, we are witnessing a remarkably innovative network for the spiritual life and ethical discernment that is in the processing of being formed.

 What a grace to participate in such an adventure at the threshold of the 21st century!”


Bishop Matthieu Rougé, Diocese of Nanterre


As you approach the Center, you see how science, philosophy and religion all converge as neighbors and partners at the same place.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
The Human phenomenon, Seuil Press,1955, p.22

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